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Features of Open Office Partition Plans in Malaysia

Unique Advance Office System Sdn Bhd offers reliable office partition Malaysia with high quality materials. The company offers various portioning services from designing, marketing and manufacturing open office plan systems. Their systems are designed to fit any office, regardless of whether it is institutional, industrial or commercial. The following is a detailed look at the features of products offered by the company. 

Ergonomic chairs 

Office workers spend a lot of rime sitting on the office chairs in front of a monitor. Sitting on these chairs can however take toll on their bodies by causing weakened muscles and impaired blood circulation. It is therefore important for the chairs to be ergonomic to provide comfort and prevent the effects of prolonged sitting. The systems by Unique Advance Office System Sdn Bhd come with ergonomic chairs that have the following features:

Enough space: Their office chairs have sufficient space for the thighs and hips. They are amply cushioned to prevent the veins and nerves of the body from pinching which is a major cause of impaired blood circulation and numbness. In addition, the cushioning prevents muscles in the back from becoming sore. 

Body support: The chairs have contoured and firm backs that provide support to the upper, middle and lower back. This prevents the muscles from weakening as a result of prolonged sitting. The backs of the chairs provide support for the spine and consequently prevent injuries and soreness.

Five-point tip base: It allows the person sitting on the chair to recline the chair so as to rest on the neck and the back. This reduces strain on the back which is inevitable when sitting for prolonged periods. Moreover, the base prevents the chair from accidental tipping when reclining which can result to injuries. 

Adjustable armrests: The armrests of these chairs are adjustable, contoured and cushioned to the shape of the arm. The design prevents repetitive stress on the arm that makes muscles of the contract leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition leads to narrowed nerves and carpal tunnel causing debilitating pain.

Adjustable height: Some of the chairs are adjustable in height to allow people sitting on them to rest their neck and lean back comfortably. 

Working desk 

Their working desks offer good base with a stable work surface without any wobble or bounce. It is spacious enough to accommodate your computer monitor, mouse and keyboard while leaving some space to hold other accessories. Most of their working desks feature the following:

Typing stand: It is placed on the side or in front of your computer when creating transcribing documents. Users don’t strain their neck to look a document because it is maintained at eye level by the stand. 

Padded wrist rests: Using a mouse and a computer several hours daily can cause great strain on your wrists if they are not properly positioned. Padded wrist rests ensure your wrists are straight when working to prevent symptoms of repetitive strain injury such as pain and soreness. 


The open plan systems by Unique Advance Office System Sdn Bhd can be designed to feature the needs of any business to match their number of employees and level of privacy. The following are some of their key systems.

UA80 tiles system: It is made of 80mm thick frames and panels that give the system a feel and look of permanent walls. It is flexible and aesthetic for continuity in work operations and applications with enhanced privacy. 

UAPS60 pole system: It is designed to satisfy various needs of the modern office environment. It features elegant support which is capable of acting as a joining element between working stations. 

UA40 slim block system: It has 40mm thick panels to save space. It has four partitions that lock together. This results to a workstation with a better look, functionality and enhanced privacy. 

Open office partitioning is an ideal option for businesses that need natural, flexible, functional and comfortable office partitions. Unique Advance Office System Sdn Bhd offers many partitioning systems in form of working stations to match the needs of different clients. Their systems are easy to install with various arrangements and customizations of different materials. Moreover, they can accommodate large volume of pre-cut slots and cables which allows for future expansion. Be sure to consider and for real, you will be assured of an open office plan that will match the décor of your office and create an ideal working space.