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Welcome To Unique Advance Sdn Bhd

Unique Advance Sdn Bhd is incorporated In Malaysia, specializes in office workstation, open plan and open partitions in Malaysia. We are actively engaged in office open plan design and manufacturing. We strive the extra mile to provide superior quality in open office designs to portray an impressive business image. We have a reliable network of suppliers and clients, which builds an extensive office renovation network. Our pool of talent has extensive experience in office workstation and open plan design. We help build professional workplace solutions with contemporary design cues to encourage productivity. Our open plan design inspires ideas and creativity to life, encourage collaborations between departments.

Unique Advance intends to expand our business model to reach international businesses. Our team of directors, managers and designers work very closely to achieve the ultimate vision. We maintain our high standards and professionalism to make sure we deliver quality, reliable and excellent services.

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Office Workstation Products Overview

  • Office Partition Malaysia

    UA28 Desking System

    A modular system designed for fast and easy movement and reconfiguring. It is high degree of variability makes it suitable for use as office desks as well as the ideal choice for open space offices.

  • Office Workstation Malaysia

    UA40 Slim Block System

    Streamlined UA40 Slim Block System panels are only 40mm thick to save space, yet they lock together to create solid workstations that give the look, privacy and functionality perfect for your office.

  • Office Partition Malaysia

    UA60 Block System

    Proven solid, 60mm thick panels and frames; UA60 Block System brings together convenience and refined creativity for flexible and high productive workstation. Panels can be finished with wood, fabric, metal, glass, white board, polycarbonate, & etc.

  • Office Partition Exporter

    UAPS60 Pole System

    UA Pole Systems are especially designed to satisfy the complex needs of modern working environment. The design comes to life starting from the structure and the forms of an elegant and graceful support, capable of transforming itself into the joining element between numerous workstations. UA Pole System Wire Management offers a safe, secure way of organizing power, data and telecommunications cabling as needed. It also provides users maximum power/ data access plus immediate plug-in at the workstations.

  • Office Partition Exporter

    UA80 Tiles System

    Solid 80mm thick panels and frames give UA80 Tiles System the look & feel of permanent walls. It is not only flexibility but also aesthetic continuity among workplace applications, whether in the open plan, meeting room or private office.

  • Office Open Plan Supplier

    UA Office Furniture Series

    The elegant furniture series are enhancing the work environment with functional items; provide comfort and confidence, hence promoting those work within achieve their goals and giving the office unique personality.